Tantric Spiritual Sex in Sacred Relationships

Would you like to get total one-on-one attention in a retreat that’s designed especially for you? Pala and Al will create a session specifically tailored to your needs and wishes. We’ll focus on what interests you, whether it’s Tantric practice, learning to create a thoroughly satisfying relationship on all levels, becoming supremely skillful lovers, healing sexual trauma, or simply adding new zest to a relationship that has become slightly stale.

Why Choose a Private Tantra Weekend with Al and Pala?

  • Do you have serious relationship issues?
  • Are you shy to be in a workshop with other couples?
  • Would you prefer one-on-one personal teaching with Al and Pala?
  • Are you looking for sex and relationship counseling, coaching or therapy?
  • Have you tried everything else, but nothing has worked?
  • Are you ready to call it quits because you have been unable to sort things out?
  • Do you want to take your relationship to a new higher more spiritual level?
  • Do you want to learn sexual knowledge, skill and mastery at your pace?
  • Are you interested in any of these relationship enhancing practices?
  • The essentials of Tantra sacred sex
  • Identifying and managing your priorities: relationship, career, family, community
  • Using sexual energy for spiritual awakening
  • Overcoming relationship differences
  • Becoming a highly skilled lover
  • Ways to meet your partner’s needs and yours too!
  • Feeling more comfortable with your sexuality
  • Opening your heart to trust
  • Becoming multi-orgasmic
  • Mastering the ejaculation process
  • Allowing yourself to live a life of pleasure
  • Gaining more energy, vitality and serenity in all parts of your life?

Do you want to explore life-enhancing topics like these at your pace, with your comfort, safety, and learning style as a top priority? Then our private retreats are just what you’ve been looking for.   If Tantric practice is your main interest, whether you’re beginner, intermediate or advanced we’ll tailor our teaching for your level of Tantric knowledge. Refer to our Couples Introduction, Intermediate, and Advanced level pages for an overview of activities we can incorporate.

Is the way Al and Pala teach unique?

We do not offer therapy, but our work is very therapeutic. We have helped save many a marriage! Our approach to teaching, coaching, and relationship mentoring is quite different from therapy. Our approach is emotional, energetic and spiritual.   Most forms of therapy focus on the problem in isolation from the rest of a person’s life. The problem becomes the center of attention in the search for solutions. Therapy may last years, as the couple searches into the past for what caused them to be in this difficult situation together; for each partner to figure out «What is wrong with me?» and «Why am I like this?» Often this process ends with no resolution or effective solution.   We have worked with hundreds of couples over the past 14 years. And actually, we usually discover that there really isn’t anything «wrong» with people and there isn’t anything to discover from the past that will help a couple create the love and happiness they desire now. In fact, it is much simpler than that. It is simply that people have no idea how to create love and how to sustain happiness. They have never seen anyone else do it, and they have not been able to learn by reading a ton of self-help books. Very few people have a single couple as a role model for relationship happiness. They lack the basic knowledge and skills that will make their relationship challenges go away.   In our approach to teaching, we do not focus on the problem. Rather we teach what couples like us, who are happy in a relationship and have learned how to create and sustain lasting love, actually do. When a couple who has been having serious relationship issues learns the knowledge and skill for creating love and relationship happiness, they discover that their problems go away. And this can happen very quickly, regardless of how serious the issues were, or how long they have been hanging around.   Emotionally we help people learn how to open their hearts to give and receive love. Spiritually, we help them learn to stay present in the immediate moment and to focus on what they do want. Energetically we teach couples simple practices to access and consciously use the life force energy, including sexual energy. With this knowledge and skill and the mastery that develops over time with practice, couples come to know they can create love for a lifetime together.  

  • You Choose the Time You’re on Tantra Time
  • We’ll set the dates and times to accommodate your schedule. You can choose from several seminar options:
  • A weekend – Friday evening through Sunday afternoon
  • A «weekend» session during the week – three days, two nights
  • a timeframe of your choice – four, five, six, or seven days

If you are traveling for a great distance to our location in Canada you likely want to stay for an extended number of days. Consider a 4-6 day intensive, allowing us enough time to help you become centred in a new way of living and loving together.

We Love to Pamper You

With time reserved for just the two of you, you’ll have total privacy in which to explore the wonders of Tantra and the glory of a truly satisfying, passionate relationship.

Examples of Tantric Sessions, Exercises and Practices

We’ll create a seminar just for you, but to give you a starting place to picture your own special event, here’s some examples of what we’ve devloped for other couples in the past:

  • The Relationship Reviver Weekend * Examining relationship issues and priorities * Commitment, fidelity, union * Loving Means Learning process * Your Needs, My Needs * Celebrating your differences * Forgiveness Meditations * Creating your Relationsihp Vision * An introduction to sacred sex practices
  • Pump up the Passion Weekend * Exploring ideas, attitudes, and beliefs about sex * Developing a Pleasure Orientation to lovemaking * Ejaculation Mastery practices for men * Women and opening freely to orgasm and sexual fulfillment * Positions for emotional connection, building excitement, getting and maintaining erections, sharing energy * The mutual delights of Oral Sex * Sensual Play * Adding Energy to your sexual equation
  • Six Days of Spiritual-Sexual Awakening * The elements of Tantra, sacred sex, and spiritual relationships * Meditations for BEING, in the moment, in the body, in the heart * Freeing female orgasm and male ejaculation mastery * Exploring and working with your chakra centers * Sexual fitness exercises * Sacred ceremonies * Building and moving sexual energy: Passion Pump and Sexual Fire Breath * Sexual positions for energy exchange and healing * Acupressure for arousal
  • Sexual Healing 3 Day Retreat * Opening to joyous sexuality * Combining sex and spirit for healing * Triggers and how to work with them * Establishing safety zones * Your vision for the future * Sensory awakening * Exercises for expansion * More about our Sexual Healing series

Plus, many more, including our Introduction to Tantra for Couples, and our Intermediate and Advanced level sessions.

Remember that even though this is a private one-on-one weekend your focus will be solely on each other. Pala and Al do not act as sexual surrogates.  

For Sexual Abuse Survivors

Female and male survivors of sexual abuse: You are not alone! Some authorities claim that as many as one out of two women and one out of five men have been sexually abused.

We are not sexual abuse therapists or counselors, but we can work with you in a way that is very therapeutic. Couples who have attended our weekends have experienced a deep healing process that enables them to go beyond the sexual abuse mind-set and rediscover the joy of a normal healthy sexual relationship.

If you are a sexual abuse survivor who has identified and worked on your trauma and feel ready to take the next step toward a healthy sexuality we can give you a toolbox to help you move forward.

Our focus is on you as individuals and as a couple helping you to reclaim your soul and your sexual freedom in an environment of safety. We can help you deal with issues arising from the sexual abuse, such as overcoming shame and guilt; finding new ways to respond to automatic, chain-reaction responses to sexual abuse triggers; rediscovering romance; opening to each other in complete trust to deep intimacy and sacred sexual loving.  

In our regular couples weekend we cannot give you the very personal attention that many survivors prefer when dealing with this most private and extremely sensitive condition. Therefore, you might consider a private session during which you will have our complete attention. We can create and facilitate a session exactly right for both of you. Some survivors prefer to take our regular Tantra couples weekend (three couples at each weekend) first, followed by a private session to go deeply into their sexual abuse issues, while others prefer to take the private session first followed by our regular couples weekend.

«I wanted to thank you personally for being so tremendously helpful last weekend. Having suffered sexual abuse as a child, I’ve always found intimacy to be an extremely difficult thing to manage, especially during sex. Until last weekend, I had never enjoyed sex, much less ‘made love. ’ I had been denying my sexual self, feeling ashamed and undeserving. I was ready to capitulate and accept that I was never going to be ‘normal’ even after years of therapy.

What I experienced last weekend was nothing short of a miracle for me.

  • Thanks to you, Pala and Al, I was able to let go, open my heart and become whole. It transformed me and my relationship.
  • I cannot thank you enough! The work you do changes lives and changes the world.»
  • Our private sessions specifically for sexual abuse survivors are not all hard work. We encourage and assist you to go deep into your healing work, but also to frequently come up for air with fun, playful and celebratory activities.
  • Call us if you wish to discuss any special needs you may have: +1. 313. 427. 0344

Sexual Healing Series

This two workshop series is a special healing journey toward celebratory sexuality: a private weekend for your unique needs and a couples weekend to elaborate on the world of Tantric lovemaking.

Private Weekend – Regular price: $2, 500 Introduction to Tantra Weekend – Regular price: $1099 If you were to register for both sessions separately the total fee would be $3599 Register for both weekends now and pay only $2, 899. You save $700! To take advantage of this special offer you select the date for either the Private Weekend OR the Introduction to Tantra Weekend and make a non-refundable deposit of $750.   You select the date for your second weekend at your discretion later from available dates as scheduled by 4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra.   Dates for your weekends are subject to availability at the time of your registration. Send us an Email or call us +1. 313. 427. 0344 if you want to talk to us about this incredible healing journey.

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