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If young girls are your thing, get out your credit card and the lube. Luscious young nubiles are featured on Teen Dreams in over 100 movies (as of 7/05), many of which can be downloaded with just one click.

The movies are numerous and good, and easy to use, and the numerous photo sets are even better. There’s even a nifty little tool that allows you to choose your favorite models and then download all their picture sets in one zip file. The girls are all rated by the site’s members with blonde, blue-eyed hottie Kimberly coming out on top. There are few scenarios beyond some brief intros but the videos are over thirty minutes long.

The girls do it all, and so tastefully that you might consider sharing this site with your significant other. It is freely admitted that not all the girls on Teem Dreams are”exclusive”to the site. We have not, however, seen much of this material elsewhere. There is so much here, it’s a bit overwhelming.

A trial would be great for those too cheap or cynical to join on Sir Rodney’s recommendation alone. There is more top quality porn here than you can possibly consume in one month. Extras include streams from Hustler and others. These are the kind of teens Sir Rodney dreams of and, happily, many of them now reside on our hard drive.

Iv’e been a member of teen dreams for the last 9 months. Been getting chronically blocked from thier site for two weeks now and thier customer service won’t help at all! Ignors my questions. Now fails to even send me a replacement password. That’s outright DENIAL OF SERVICE. I tryed to patiently work with them for the two weeks and they just kept ignorring my questions and I kept getting blocked.

Teen Dreams has yet to answer two requests via eMail as to why their server is SO SSLLOOWW…. forget trying to download anything over 10megs in file size. I have Fiber Optics and have download speeds of 15Mbs, but TD is so slow that the download bottoms out at 23-50 kbs. That slow of speed coupled with no answers to requests equals an AWFUL experience. Don’t waste your money!!

Further comments: In many of the pic sets particularly of the strips, the photographer(s) have no sense of the erotic. There is very little teasing – and most of the time, the camera man goes stampeding to wards the pussy, and only a few shots in has the girl showing her full spread pussy before she’s even removed any other clothing! Also many of the lesbian shoots are just posed – there is no real lovemaking going on.

It might be true that others have praised the site, but just as many have criticised it.

I notice a few have commented somewhat tactfully on the poor quality content. I’m going to be more blunt. This site is SHIT! I cannot understand why SR has given it such a high rating. No connection AT ALL between picture sets & clips. Recent videos not broken down into clips for downloading. Navigation clumsy and difficult. very uneven quality of photos, and many of the recent ones take up far too much memory. Also many sets the photgrapher has no sense of eroticism; beautiful girls, but many of the poses are unattractive with no erotic feel. And in some sets it is clear that the girls haven’t showered before the shoots – you can even see things growing in their cunts and arseholes! In conculsion, a complete rip-off and a waste of time and money. Sir Rodney’s Comment: Ramscorta, because you have posted intelligently on this board before, I went back and took another quick look Teen Dreams, which I liked quite a bit and made a top pick and for the simple reason that it is damn hot and sexy. Other review sites have given it similarly high marks.

  • while there is a lot of content, very little of it is something you would actually want to archive, I like videos of young girls doing it, there are a few here that are OK but not many good videos
  • this is directed to Kimberly of Prague: the most beautiful woman in the world, if their is an Angle on earth status this woman is the only person that needs to apply. She is totally. beautiful. breath taking, intoxicating, no woman has ever been this lovely and I donot think there will ever be one… I am70years old. Sir Rodney’s Comment: First, you could have kept the 70 years old part to yourself. THAT is kind of icky, my friend in porn. Sorry, but it is. Second, am I the only one who has the distinct feeling that Kimberly (very Czech name;) isn’t going to see this. On the other hand, it’s sweet that you think she might.

Lots of content, updates but quality is pretty low. Search-based navigation is a pain.

I hope you’re right, Rodney. Sir Rodney’s Comment: We rely on users like you, Jert, to correct us on those rare occassions when our reviews are off the mark;) Please do let us know if you agree with our recommendation.

Okay, im reviewing this purely on the pics(haven’t bothered with any vids yet)… HOLY FUCKING SHIT, it’s good. Gorgeous girls and lots of them. Huge well photographed pics. Seriously, i’ve never been more pleased. My only worry is that the photo sets seem quite formulaic, but that is so often the case.

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