The past couple of month’s I am having a hard time ejaculating

I am a married 67 year old male We had a good sex life for the 45 years we have been married. The past couple of month’s I am having a hard time ejaculating. When we have intercourse or oral sex I stay as hard as a rock and feeling very horny but I just cant get over the hump to come. I usually come by masturbating with my wife helping me and that sometimes takes 5 min. My doctor has injected me with about 3/4 cc testosterone for 2 months. Except for feeling more horny and make my penis thicker it did not solve the problem. I told him that I have no erection problems. He said that is unusual but that is as far as it went. I had a prostate operation 4 years ago as I had problems urinating and now I ejaculate in my bladder, but I have a very strong climax. I tried Viagra a year ago just for fun but all it did give me a terrific head ache for a day.

I have read all of your brochures and I am hoping you can recommend one of your product that may help alleviate my problem.


All the things you have mentioned are for maintaining the erection, not assisting to ejaculate.

There is one product that you might try to make it easier to ejaculate.

China Brush

A spray potion that excites and stimulates the male and female sex organs. Spray two doses onto the head of the penis before having sex.

In Taoist and also in Tantric practice men learn to delay the ejaculation to prolong the lovemaking. There are many benefits to this practice for both men and women. Women get all the time they need to become fully orgasmic and men can accumulate the sexual energy and experience high energy altered states of consciousness. I intentionally go sometimes months at a time without ejaculating, with lots of lovemaking and do not experience any discomfort or frustration. The frustration you describe is happening because you have a mindset that suggests you need to ejaculate in order to complete the sex act. This can be corrected by simply reframing it with the idea that you can end the lovemaking while you still have desire, i. e., without any ejaculation.

This reframing will not however eliminate the frustration you feel. That frustration is the result of keeping all of the hot sexual energy concentrated in the genital area. In Tantra you learn techniques for circulating that energy up through your body away from the genital area. This is most delightful and removes completely the need to ejaculate to relieve frustration.

Here are the exercises to do this.

PC Pumping

Without a doubt, the most important sexual energy exercise you can do is the PC Pump. It is standard in both the ancient Tantric and Taoist teachings of sacred sex. PC stands for pubococcygeous and refers to a group of muscles surrounding your genitals and anus. You may already know these exercises as Kegels, named for the American doctor who, during the 1950s, began prescribing PC squeezing to help prevent surgery in women with Urinary Stress Incontinence.

PC Pumping, or tightening and relaxing the muscles of your pelvic floor, does the following wonderful things. It:

  1. Acts as a lock to keep your sexual energy in and a pump to push it up through your body.
  2. Strengthens and tones the muscles in your uro-genital area.
  3. Prevents prolapsed uterus and incontinence in women.
  4. Increases erection capacity for men.
  5. Sensitizes and focuses women genitally, so their orgasms become stronger and more frequent.
  6. Massages a man’s prostate gland, helping it to stay healthy.
  7. Adds extraordinary sensation when performed while making love.
    PC Pumps are very easy to do, simply pretend you have to urinate, but you are somewhere you cannot. You tighten up and hold it. You can actually begin your practice of PC Pumps by interrupting the flow while you are urinating. In addition to pulling your pelvic floor muscles up, PC Pumping includes lightly pushing them out. When you first start these exercises, you may find that your shoulders, your stomach, your buttocks, even your jaw, clench as well. However, within a short while you will be able to isolate and contract the many different muscles in your genitals while keeping the rest of your body relaxed.

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